Medium LiSan Oolong (Fang Gourmet Tea)

Wednesday is Green Tea, White Tea, Rooibos, Oolong and Tisane (Herbal) Review Day!

I mentioned Fang Gourmet Tea back at the beginning of June. They were throwing a tea tasting event up in New York. They graciously provided me with a sample of this Medium LiSan Oolong from Taiwan.

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 4/3/2
Company Fang Gourmet Tea
Blend Name Medium LiSan Oolong
Blend Base Oolong
Country of Origin Taiwan
Package Type Loose in tin
Price per Package $50.00 USD
Quantity 5 oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

This Medium LiSan Oolong from Fang Gourmet Tea is a “green” oolong. This basically means it’s closer to a green tea than a black tea.

It’s leaves are dark green and some have stems. They’re also clumps or balled & rolled. The liquor (color) brews up a very nice yellow gold.

The aroma presents itself very nicely. Smooth & creamy with notes of honey and hints of stone fruits like peaches or nectarines in the texture.

This oolong is a bit astringent and puckery with a lasting tail.

I would recommend this tea for any fan of oolongs or to those who like their teas with milk and/or honey or sugar.

2 thoughts on “Medium LiSan Oolong (Fang Gourmet Tea)

  1. Milk in your Oolong? I didn’t think anyone would recommend that. I do see how the sweetness of sugar or honey could accentuate the stone fruits or honey hints. Stems too? I once read the presence of stems indicates a low-quality tea but I’ve paid a high price for some stemmy aged Oolong too. I’ve often wondered just what would be the reason those tea garden workers would leave in the stems.

    1. You’d be surprised what some people try with their tea. Honestly, I don’t ever add milk to my tea, but I’m always open to new tea experiences.

      I have also heard that stems can indicate a low quality tea, exception given for a Kukicha. However, I have to say I also have had soem pretty decent ‘twiggy’ teas.

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