Aged Pumpkin Rum Pu’erh (Tea-Guy / Adagio Teas)

Adagio Teas has this neat feature on their website they call “Signature Blends.” With this, you can select the ingredients you want in your own custom tea, and even provide a label image for them to use on the packaging. I put together several mediocre teas before I created this wonderful Aged Pumpkin Rum Pu’erh.

Golden Monkey (Adagio Teas)

The process to turn the Camelia Sinensis plant leaves from green to black is called Oxidation. This same process helps turn the soft downy buds from white to gold. Teas which have these golden buds have the name “Golden”. Monkey refers to an old tale where tea sellers would indicate a tea was “Monkey Picked” if it was rarer than most. Thus, we have Golden Monkey from Adagio Teas.

News: Adagio posts second “Roots Campaign” story

There have been some really exciting developments in tea over the past couple decades. However, they’ve mostly been with technology or flavors. Adagio’s new “Roots Campaign” plays closer to my heart. This second installment is wonderful!